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Dr. Ewell Netter, Psy.D

Before I joined the Kingdom Billionaires Club I was seeking how to be a better steward and increase my finances. My household battled a check to check thought process and we became weary of this mindset. Deep down in my heart I knew this wasn’t the will of God for our lives. Joining the Kingdom Billionaires Club has been a blessing for our household. With a clear, redefined focus on the purpose of money and how proper stewarding our seed and the posture in which our heart has to be in to sow has radically changed the way we give and dedication to give. Pastor Mike challenges us in our faith and also makes us inspect our hearts and that alone has made Kingdom Billionaires Club a necessity for every believer.

Darrell Johnson

I’ll start off with what the Kingdom Billionaires Club means to me. To be honest when I first heard about KBC, I thought it was just another money scheme. However, after joining this exclusive club I 've come to realize it had nothing to do with money in that aspect. With that being said KBC has been a major factor in my life since the end of 2019. KBC has helped me to not only refine my mind when it comes to money, it has also made me change my perception of money. I have been able to not only reorganize my finances while being apart of KBC, but I have also learned to become more strategic with the way I govern my finances. After joining this club in late 2019 my income had a major shift in the year 2020 while being in a pandemic. I have had tremendous financial increase and I have also sowed more seeds than I could imagine. For me it is not only a privilege to be apart of KBC it is an honor. On top of all that, I have met some great, new people who are also members of this club. Some of those people are great business owners and future business owners who I am glad to be able to call associates. Last but not least, KBC is being led by some awesome leaders of the future in Pastor Mike Carter and his wife Rasheedah Cal-Carter. For me KBC is not only a club it’s a family and a lifestyle. I say all this as our new generation would say with NO CAP.....

Derrick Williams 

Hello, my name is Derrick Williams, and KBC has been life changing for me.  I was not an original member of the club. I would always see the post on Facebook by some of my church members, and was very inquisitive about the club and how it operated. A few months later, I reached out to Pastor Mike on Facebook. He gave me some info, we formed a friendship, and he encouraged me to join.  From the very first meeting I felt welcomed by Pastor Mike, his wife and the other members like I had been a member of the club.  Going to the meetings almost felt like going to church. There is prayer, praise & worship, and teaching of biblical principles in the Bible that usually turns into a little preaching, lol.  The club has also had several awesome events like a Christmas Party, First time home buyers seminar, and several other events that I have been privileged to be a part of.  Coming from a traditional Baptist Church, I have been introduced to a whole new world of information and teachings never taught to me, that have really blessed me.  Pastor Mike and his wife are truly answering God’s calling with this club, and I would encourage anyone that has the chance to join. 

Dominiqua Sims

My first time attending KBC class was January 2019. Initially joining I was just eager to learn and grow my relationship with God. As time progressed I began paying my tithes faithfully. I’ve always been a sower but I’ve also learned the importance of sowing into GOOD soil. KBC has helped me grow not only in my finances but in all areas of my life!

Karen Delaine Alexander Williams

Joining the Kingdom Billionaires Club (KBC) gave me the opportunity to revisit a prophecy that my pastor, who was also my uncle prophesied years ago. He told me I would be a millionaire. I believed back then it was because I was a giver.  KBC has opened my eyes to MY motives for wealth in the past and the reasons God wants me to prosper.  I don’t believe my “why” and my motives were ever in tuned to the reason God made that promise which is possibly why it never manifested back then. The Kingdom Billionaires Club is giving me the wisdom, which I didn’t have back then to use the wealth for the Kingdom and to use it wisely.  Another thing reiterated by KBC is God is looking for examples of his goodness.  As I write this, I can hear Pastor Mike Carter say, “Why not you!!!”  I am one of God’s examples, reaching God’s plan with the Kingdom Billionaires Club!!

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