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X-Men: Our New Vision!!!

A few weeks ago, God began dealing with me concerning the Vision of the Kingdom Billionaires Club. He began to talk to me exclusively about streamlining it to give myself, as well as everyone who reads it & is apart of it a more concise understanding of what it is we do. I didn't quite know where He was going with it at first but I've been with God long enough to know He will reveal everything with crystal clarity in due time.

When God first gave me the vision for this organization, the one thing I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt was that this is HUGE! Like SCARY HUGE! If I'm honest, it still scares me to this day. I mean what a title...Kingdom BILLIONAIRES Club!!! God, You want me to lead an organization whose main focus is to raise up multi-billionaires in the body of Christ? Me? Mike Carter? Obviously, He answered those questions with an emphatic YES!!! Many of you are reading this right now saying to yourself "he sounds crazy". Others are saying "that's a cute little church faith thing he got going on" but don't really take it seriously. Some would say it's not realistic and others will ridicule it for having the nerve to involve the church and money of that magnitude on any level. I would agree with you if I didn't know the voice of God as well as I do. All I can say to you is STAY TUNED!

The vision God gave me to start with was "Empowering believers to live abundantly & Introducing the body of Christ to the BILLIONAIRE FLOW". Rooted in John 10:10, this organization was designed to teach and train believers in financial abundance and raise up the most financially prosperous generation the body of Christ has ever seen. I truly believe God is going to raise up more kingdom billionaires in this next generation than ever before...and this club will play an instrumental part in that.

Since we began, we've been extremely diligent in teaching and training our members in abundance, strictly from the word of God. And they are seeing tremendous fruit. But something started to happen. God began to turn my attention to start noticing the amount of liberal givers who were joining our club. I mean people who truly love to give. I began to notice this in a MAJOR WAY during the beginning of the pandemic we are currently in up until now. In a time where most people would rather preserve what they have than give it, The offerings to the KBC from our exclusive members began to INCREASE, with no effort from my wife and I at all. I'm still in awe.

I mean we never told them to give. Never raised an offering. The only place we ever raise an offering is during our Money Master's Class, which we temporarily suspended, due to the pandemic, for a few weeks. We only taught them that giving should never stop, no matter the circumstance. Yet our members continued to give more and in larger amounts than we had seen since starting the club almost a year ago. After I began to see what God was showing me, He then laid the bombshell on me: "I want you to change the vision of the club!"

God said "The new vision is 'Cultivating GIVERS & Developing BILLIONAIRES'"! You see their are certain people in the body of Christ who have what the bible calls the gift of giving (Romans 12:6-8). That gift is amazing and just like any other God given gift, needs to be cultivated in order to be administered properly. When God told me to start paying attention to our members, in essence, what He was showing me is the vision in motion. The giving began to increase because they already had the gift of giving inside of them...He had now sent them to my wife and I to begin to cultivate that gift in them. I saw it clear as day.

So now, I understand that the KBC has a vision and mission to cultivate givers. We will always attract givers because my wife and I are givers, and we've been assigned to cultivate their gift much in the same way ours has been cultivated. That will in turn lead to developing billionaires. The seeds our givers sow will open so many doors for them financially and we'll be tasked with providing them the tools to maximize their stewardship, so that God can continue to increase them. God intends to increase them to the billionaire level and I'm here for it.

So now with crystal clarity, we go forward, as an organization, designed to help those with the gift of giving become MASTERFUL at doing just that. If you love to give to others, then you probably have that gift too. If you aren't an exclusive member of our organization already, then I encourage you to become one asap. I can't help but think of us as sorta like the X-Men. We have a very unique gift that God wants to use in the earth realm to be a blessing to countless amounts of people. And since I've been called to help you to cultivate your very unique gift, I guess you can now begin to call me Professor X!


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Love the new vision!!!

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